Once in a lifetime you can have an adventure that lasts a lifetime…

 (co-written with FLORA DOONE, based on the novel by FLORA DOONE) 

A 13 year old boy runs off with his hobo Uncle for a grand summer adventure, and experiences way more than he ever could have imagined.  

CANDY KID AND THE HOBO KING, is a coming of age story about a 13 year old boy who learns that what a person shows on the outside is not who he is on the inside, for better and for worse. 

It’s 1952 and Alex’s Father is off fighting in the Korean War.  Alex, forced to be the man of the house, is responsible for all the outside chores. School has just let out for summer and his Uncle has come to town!  Uncle Bobby is still a legend, one of the greatest high school basketball players ever produced by his state, and a hero to young Alex.  It doesn’t matter that Uncle Bobby’s life hasn’t turned out quite the way it might have. 


For years Uncle Bobby has promised to take Alex with him on an adventure. Alex makes his case that the time for them to go is now.  But Alex’s Mother won’t have it and has no intention of letting her son abandon his chores. Though she loves her brother deeply, she doesn’t trust him to be responsible enough to take care of her only child.    Uncle Bobby cuts his visit short and slips out in the night, but Alex hears him leave, packs his bag and chases after him.  He convinces Uncle Bobby to let him tag along, and so the adventure begins with hopping a freight train out of Florida.  Alex is stunned to see their traveling quarters and the dirty faces staring back at him in the boxcar.  One face, that of an old man named John Rich, seems different than the others, fatherly and intelligent.  All the hobos are making their way to Britt, IA, for the crowning of the Hobo King.  Uncle Bobby announces to all he plans to throw his hat in the ring.   It only takes one stop in Montgomery, AL, before Alex realizes Uncle Bobby is a transient, and not the hero he imagined.  When Alex is placed in a very unsafe situation, he runs to the safety of John Rich. 

Through John Rich, Alex experiences the colorful and caring Hobo culture.  He is introduced to Hobos of all backgrounds who share their stories with him.  Alex realizes that Uncle Bobby’s charm will get him elected, and his unethical behavior will throw a bad light and harm on all Hobos.  It will take a strong man to challenge Uncle Bobby, Alex knows that man is John Rich.  But John Rich has told Alex very little about himself, and as it turns out he has a past that he’s running away from.    By the time they all arrive in Iowa, John Rich cracks from the shame and self-loathing that has haunted him, and Uncle Bobby’s rage at John Rich for causing Alex to see him in a truthful light comes to a boil.  The election for Hobo King brings alarming consequences, an experience that shocks Alex, and shapes his life forever.


When it comes to murder, the truth is in the stars.

 (Finalist Nantucket Film Festival )

A woman finds out that her mother's suicide was actually a murder, and with the help of a detective stops at nothing trying to hunt the killer down.

For Love of Mama  is the suspenseful story of Michelle Bowman and her search to find the truth behind her mother’s death.  Always believing she was abandoned by her mother Angela through her suicide, Michelle has grown up to be guarded and aloof.  Unable to relate to others directly, she has become an expert in astrology, and now has her own, successful call-in television show.  Fortunately Michelle has two soul mates watching over her; a mega-successful friend from high school  and her dear cousin, Rebecca, who has always been like a sister to her.  

One night Michelle has a dream about finding her mother dead at the bottom of a swimming pool and it soon becomes a recurring nightmare.  Rebecca grows increasingly worried that Michelle’s isolation and loneliness is taking its toll on her mental health. An opportunity arises that allows Rebecca to play match maker, introducing Michelle to a charming, kind hearted police detective, David Greenleaf, the coach of her daughter’s PAL after-school basketball team.  Despite David’s interest, Michelle wants nothing to do with him.  Even his calling in to her television show gets him nowhere.  Then one day Michelle’s life turns upside down.  She is told information that sheds new light on her mother’s suicide. Suddenly it looks like a murder.  Now Michelle must befriend David and convince him to help her, but communication is not her strength.  Using astrology, psychology and downright manipulation, she does.  

Thus the search for Angela’s killer takes two lost souls through the cold and dark roads of Vermont where they find answers in ways that neither of them could have predicted.

ITS MAGIC! (a coming of age story for late, late bloomers)

Sometimes to go forward you have to go backwards….

It’s Magic! - is the comedic coming of age story of Grace Valentine, a beautiful 35 year old woman both unwilling and unable to live effectively in “modern times”.   It’s November, the new millennium is just around the corner and Grace is more unhappy than ever.  Having grown up idolizing the relationship of her parents, two kooky sweethearts since the Golden Age of the forties, the present day pales in comparison. With little romance in sight, Grace fantasizes living in that bygone time, which she always believed was when people truly came together and fell in ever lasting love.  Her life goes from bad to worse when she is abruptly fired from her dead-end secretarial job and on her way home is chased by a trio of teenage hoodlums into a forsaken and decrepit church.  As if by magic she finds the answer to her prayers while hiding out in the confessional booth, because when she emerges it is the year 1944!  She’s ecstatic, she’s thrilled, life couldn’t be better - or could it?  From her closeted gay neighbor who longs to “come out”, a teenaged sailor who wishes he didn’t have to go to war and a very sick abandoned baby in desperate need of modern medicine Grace realizes life could be better in the future.  She has a choice; stay and the baby will die or return to 1999 where she might never be able to come back. Of course, she doesn’t really know how she got here in the first place, this all might be a dream.  No time to ponder, 1999 here she comes…

And now life for Grace Valentine, delayed adolescent, daydreamer, late bloomer, finally begins.   Grace takes a stab at “living for today” and embarks upon an exciting and challenging new job…as a dog walker.  Along the way Rob drifts in…he’s smart, good looking and sexy but he’s got issues, Grace’s issues, he’s fixated on the past.  But no, her perspective has been changed.  Now when relating to her parents she realizes that their perfect world requires rose colored glasses and she sees how Rob clings to his world view like a dog with a bone.  As Thanksgiving Day approaches tensions flare on all fronts forcing Grace to speak up. She picks her moment, right in the middle of the family’s dinner celebration.  Chaos ensues but so does enlightenment.  Thus this mixed up group of eccentric characters discover that happiness is created in the now, the past your ally, not your prison.