Kari Floren playwright/screenwriter

Kari Floren playwright/screenwriterKari Floren playwright/screenwriterKari Floren playwright/screenwriter


"Floren writes full-blooded people and has a well-tuned ear for dialogue."
Victor Gluck

"A LATE SUPPER provides hours of discussion after leaving the theater. My friend and I reacted so differently and yet in such a complex fashion, that I realized just how rich the play really was.  Several conflicting and ambiguous conclusions are equally supportable by what the text implies, without always explicitly saying.  This may well be the real power and genius under the play's deceptively casual structure."
Michael Moricz
Composer/Musical Director  


 " ​Floren's talent surfaces when she exposes absurdity and socially unacceptable behavior within everyday experiences, catching people as they let their guards down in ways that feel both original and true to life. Floren's eyes, ears, and wit are all sharp."
Ronnie Reich 


Short Plays

 "In Kari Floren's writing is her ability to take a serious issue and make it really funny."
Don Grigware