BERSERKER is the story of sixteen year old Olga Larson, who has finally begun to fit in at school, three months after she and her gay Father, Peter, moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Lakeville, Florida.  Olga’s blog for the school paper has transformed her peers’ impression of her from a funny talking, slightly overweight outsider, into a waggish and influential trendsetter.  But when the unenlightened advisor to the paper returns from maternity leave, Olga’s new found popularity is about to be snatched away.  Peter’s verbal sparring, which Olga normally relishes, does nothing to soothe her depression.  Instead, she finds solace and a way forward through a surprising link to her Norwegian heritage.  Olga appears to get her confidence back but in fact she slips further and further into a darker reality. (approximate running time 18 minutes)


Olga – 16 years old, chubby, precocious, clever. Fish out of water after moving from Minnesota to her new home in Florida.
Peter – Olga’s dad, 40’s, gay, widower, caring and clever father. Watches Olga slipping away and can’t figure out why.
Ragnar – a Viking, age range from 30 to 60, menacing and domineering.


  • Emerging Artists Theater Fall 2016 (NYC) New Works Series Selection
  • Frontera Fest Short Fringe 2017 (Austin, TX) Best of the Week Selection.


THE DISCOUNT COUNTESS*  is the story of the Countess, waiting In her dingy apartment in Miami for a visit from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  It is to them that she will at last reveal the details of her fascinating life.  But the Latina woman who shows up to do the interview, finds herself part of a far bigger story than either she or the Countess could ever have imagined. ​(approximate running time 9 minutes)

​Countess - A Jewish woman approximately 70 years old. 
Lucinda - A 20 something Latina woman. 

​*Based on a short story by Flora Doone 



ANNIE WINS A RAFFLE is a story about Annie Smith, who has just had the best afternoon of her life, singing “God Bless America” in front of a small town Kentucky grocery store.  Her shining moment was the result of her winning a raffle sponsored by the owner of the supermarket.  Annie’s husband, Norman, recorded a video of the event, and now, martini’s in hand, they sit down together to watch it. But there’s a seems that Annie’s need for her own time in the sun has been awakened and squashed all in the same day.  Will the couple find their way to a silver lining?  ​(approximate running time 10 minutes)

Annie - 40/50 something year old woman, wife of Norman.

Norman - 40/50 something year old man, husband of Annie.