Once in a lifetime you can have an adventure that lasts a lifetime…

 (co-written with FLORA DOONE, based on the novel by FLORA DOONE) 

A 13-year old boy runs off with his free-spirited uncle for a grand summer adventure in post-world war II America, and experiences way more than he ever could have imagined. 


CANDY KID AND THE HOBO KING, is a coming of age story about a 13 year old boy who learns that what a person shows on the outside is not who he is on the inside, for better and for worse. 

It’s June 1952 in Jacksonville, Florida, the last day of eighth grade for precocious 13 year old Alex Martin. He blows off his best friend to rush home because Uncle Bobby, his favorite person in the world is visiting. Over dinner Alex begs Uncle Bobby to take him with him for a summer adventure. Bobby tries to sneak out in the middle of the night but Alex hears him leave. He scribbles a note for his mother, catches up to Bobby at the train yard. A freight train pulls up, they hop on.

Inside the boxcar Alex sees a motley looking crew, but their laughter and obvious camaraderie set him instantly at ease. Everyone is headed to Britt, Iowa, for the crowning of the Hobo King. Bobby announces he’ll be running for the crown, flashes his smile, the hobos are all enthralled…all except one. John Rich, an older hobo, isn’t taken in by Bobby’s act.

Everybody gets off in Montgomery, John leads them through the woods to a camp, pointing out to Alex the hobo signs carved into the trees which show the way. As they reach the clearing, police charge in a frightening show of force to clear the camp. Bobby takes off to save his own skin, John pulls Alex to safety. Alex begins to realize his Uncle is a phony, resolves to not let Bobby become Hobo King.

Alex convinces John to run against Bobby, John is trustworthy, compassionate and brave, everything Alex misses in his Father. As they raise money to finance his campaign, John introduces Alex to Hobos from all walks of life, but the most interesting to Alex is Jojo, a 16 year old girl, who enthusiastically jumps on the “John Rich for Hobo King” bandwagon.  

They reach Britt, Iowa the day before the election. Bobby is furious to find his nephew campaigning against him. The voting begins, Alex is calming John’s nerves when Bobby appears, enraged. Bobby attacks John, pulls a knife and stabs him, he dies in Alex’s arms. Alex turns his Uncle in, Bobby is hauled off as he was about to accept his crown.

After promising to meet Jojo next summer, Alex returns home and does his chores with a whole new attitude. His best friend rides by, Alex flags him down, eager to tell him about his summer adventure…more importantly to show him he’s ready to be a better friend, it’s the Hobo Code of the Road***.

***“You help somebody who needs some help. If somebody don't have food or water, you share. Never leave your home a mess when you go. Leave some wood, food or a razor for the next guy. Don't ask too many questions...mind your own business.”


When it comes to murder, the truth is in the stars.

 (Finalist Nantucket Film Festival )

An emotionally damaged woman finds out that her mother’s suicide was actually a murder, and suspecting a shady opportunist from the past, she forces a straight arrow cop to cross the line to help her hunt the killer down. 

FOR LOVE OF MAMA is a dramatic thriller about Michelle Bowman, an astrologer with a viewer call in TV show. Always believing she was abandoned by her mother, Angela, who drunkenly drowned herself in the family pool, Michelle has grown up to be guarded and aloof. Her cousin, who’s been like a sister since childhood, sees that Michelle’s isolation and loneliness is starting to take a toll on her mental health. She attempts to set Michelle up with a charming, straight arrow NYC Detective, David Greenleaf. Despite David’s interest, Michelle wants nothing to do with him. Even his calling in to her television show gets him nowhere. 

But Michelle’s world gets rocked when her dying Uncle reveals that he suppressed an autopsy, there’s no proof that Angela had been drinking the night she died and he now suspects she didn’t go into the pool voluntarily. Michelle is sure that her mother’s sleazy boyfriend, Rich Gill, was involved. Michelle needs David’s help to bring Rich in. David delves into Rich’s past, finds out he is wanted for felonies in different states, and, he’s on the run for the murder of his wife. The F.B.I. is in charge but they’re not interested in a 20 year old crime. 

Rich surfaces in Vermont in the middle of a Nor’easter, at the same time David clandestinely learns that Rich was recently injured in an attempted robbery. Michelle convinces David to travel with her to Vermont in pursuit of Rich. Through David’s wiles and Michelle’s intuition, they find him holed out in a house that was closed up for the winter. They take Rich by surprise and he confesses to Angela’s murder. Michelle tries to shoot him but David jumps in the way and Rich escapes. David chases Rich through the woods and onto a frozen lake. As David and Rich brawl, Michelle catches up in time to see them crash through the ice. Rich is unconscious, David holds on, barely able to keep both of them above water. Michelle rushes over, she’ll pull David out but he has to let Rich go. David is horrified but he’s freezing, he lets Rich sink to the bottom. 

The next day Michelle visits David in the hospital, he’s still incredulous at her lack of feeling. Michelle tenderly takes David’s hand, disputes this…she could have let him drown too, and besides when he jumped between her and Rich, she didn’t shoot him…she didn’t shoot him…she didn’t shoot him. 

ITS MAGIC! (a coming of age story for late, late bloomers)

Sometimes to go forward you have to go backwards….

It’s Magic! - is the comedic coming of age story of Grace Valentine, a beautiful 35 year old woman both unwilling and unable to live effectively in “modern times”.   It’s November, the new millennium is just around the corner and Grace is more unhappy than ever.  Having grown up idolizing the relationship of her parents, two kooky sweethearts since the Golden Age of the forties, the present day pales in comparison. With little romance in sight, Grace fantasizes living in that bygone time, which she always believed was when people truly came together and fell in ever lasting love.  Her life goes from bad to worse when she is abruptly fired from her dead-end secretarial job and on her way home is chased by a trio of teenage hoodlums into a forsaken and decrepit church.  As if by magic she finds the answer to her prayers while hiding out in the confessional booth, because when she emerges it is the year 1944!  She’s ecstatic, she’s thrilled, life couldn’t be better - or could it?  From her closeted gay neighbor who longs to “come out”, a teenaged sailor who wishes he didn’t have to go to war and a very sick abandoned baby in desperate need of modern medicine Grace realizes life could be better in the future.  She has a choice; stay and the baby will die or return to 1999 where she might never be able to come back. Of course, she doesn’t really know how she got here in the first place, this all might be a dream.  No time to ponder, 1999 here she comes…

And now life for Grace Valentine, delayed adolescent, daydreamer, late bloomer, finally begins.   Grace takes a stab at “living for today” and embarks upon an exciting and challenging new job…as a dog walker.  Along the way Rob drifts in…he’s smart, good looking and sexy but he’s got issues, Grace’s issues, he’s fixated on the past.  But no, her perspective has been changed.  Now when relating to her parents she realizes that their perfect world requires rose colored glasses and she sees how Rob clings to his world view like a dog with a bone.  As Thanksgiving Day approaches tensions flare on all fronts forcing Grace to speak up. She picks her moment, right in the middle of the family’s dinner celebration.  Chaos ensues but so does enlightenment.  Thus this mixed up group of eccentric characters discover that happiness is created in the now, the past your ally, not your prison.